The River’s Path

The path through the many-folded mountains adorned with woodlands, ponds and fountains, hollow caverns lie deep inside where bees and butterflies can’t reside, in and out during noon and night your music wild, sweet and light, climbs and wanders near pine and yew the breeze lifts up a cloud of dew, and settles glistening pearls […]


I wrote this poem to my eldest son on his second birthday, 21 years ago.                          You are two                                 With rounded orbs                                 Shining blue,                                 Khaki shorts                                 Too long and wide                                 Clothe your sturdy form                                 Standing at my side –                                 Contentment the norm.                                 You are my son                                 […]


I have finally set up a new writing blog after my last one ended when my laptop crashed in June 2017. I hope this one is as successful as my first. Will write a real post soon. Kim